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IEEE Sensors Council Chapter

Chapter Approval Letter : Letter of Approval
Date of Approval: 27 Oct, 2016

Executive Committee

Chair: Anil K Roy, Senior Member, IEEE
Secretary-cum-Treasurer: Dhruv Gupta
Vice Chair, Educational and Technical Activity: Sanjay Srivastava, Senior Member, IEEE
Students Engagement: Abhishek Jani



  1. Technical talks
    1. Inaugural Talk of the Chapter – Speaker: Prof. Yogesh Gianchandani
    2. Speaker: Manoj Saxena (Title of the talk: Fundamental Insights into Channel and Gate Engineered Double Gate Junction-Less Transistor for Low-Voltage Low-Power Analog and Digital Circuits)
    3. Speaker: Prof. Rick Blum (Title of the talk: Cyber Attacks on Internet of Things Sensor Systems for Inference)
    4. Speaker: Sandro Carrara (Title of the talk: Bio/Nano/CMOS for memristive sensing)
    5. Speaker: Anil K Roy (Title of the talk: Welcome to the World of Disruptive Technologies)
    6. Speaker: Anil K Roy (Title of the talk: The Paradigm of Borderless Technologies: Let’s understand it …)
    7. Speaker: Anil K Roy (Title of the talk: Disruptive Technologies: Tighten Your Seatbelt)
    8. Speaker: Anil K Roy (Title of the talk: IoT and 5G – Who is Driving Whom?)
    9. Speaker: Prof. Ravinder Dahiya (Title of the talk: Distinguished Lecture on 3D-printing: From Single Material to Multi Material Printing)
  2. Industrial visit
    1. Akshay Patra Foundation visit
    2. GIFT City visit
  3. Workshop
    1. Innovative Design using 3D Printer

Visit http://ieeegujaratsection.org/ieee-sensors-council-chapter-events/ for more information on Events.


Student Engagement & Projects

  1. Educational Activity: MYOSA


  1. International Students Contest


  1. Conference Capturing Production


  1. Smart City


Meritorious Service Award 2017

Dr. Anil K Roy, chapter chair won the prestigious IEEE Sensors Council 2017 Meritorious Service Award, “For tireless volunteer efforts and innovations in recording of IEEE SENSORS presentations, next-day web-downloads and outstanding leadership in creating increased IEEE Sensors Council visibility and reputation through web-presence.


Outstanding Chapter Award 2018

IEEE Sensors Council Chapter of Gujarat Section won the Outstanding Chapter Award 2018 October 2019 in Montreal.

Outstanding-Chapter-Award-2018   2018 IEEE Sensors Council Outstanding Chapter Award