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Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning have the potential to revolutionize industrial automation leading to increased efficiency, accuracy, and speed in manufacturing processes, as well as enhanced ability to handle a wider range of products. Some potential applications of AI and deep learning in industrial automation includes: Predictive maintenance, Quality control, Process optimization and Decision making.

The Women in Power (WIP) Chapter of IEEMA presents webinar on “AI and Deep Learning in Industrial Automation” Technically sponsored by IE/IA/PEL Societies joint chapter of IEEE Gujarat Section.

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Towards the end of the Talk the participants will learn

  1. Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  2. Understanding applications of Deep Learning
  3. Unravel the mystery behind accuracy of deep learning models
  4. Case studies on use of AI and Deep Learning in Industrial automation

Eminent Speaker: Dr. Priyank Sharma
Projects-AI at Samyak Infotech PVT Ltd,
Vice-Chair (Technical Activity)

Gujarat Section Jt. Chapter, IE/IA/PEL

Date : 12th January, 2023
Time : 4.00 pm -5.00pm
Mode : Online

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Women In Power Chapter IEEMA
Technically Sponsored by Joint Chapter of IE/IA/PEL societies of IEEE Gujarat Section.

Joint Chapter of IE/IA/PEL societies of IEEE Gujarat

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