IEEE Day 2015

Date : 4th October, 2015

Venue : Regenta Hotel, Old Wadaj, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


About Us

IEEE Gujarat Section is celebrating IEEE Day 2015 by organizing an eventful evening on the weekend, 4 October, 2015 (Sunday). This is a wonderful opportunity for you to connect among all the members and to connect to IEEE too. All the members are cordially invited to attend the event and celebrate IEEE Day 2015. We have over 600 professional IEEE members in Gujarat.

A line of confirmation of participation from your end will be highly appreciated. Kindly register on the website before 2nd October to confirm your registration.

Abstract of the Talk

Communication, an essential requirement of all creatures, particularly more so for human beings , unfortunately had remained limited to only a very short range for millions of years. But research and developments in technology in the last few centuries, have made it convenient to communicate and compute anytime and everywhere, even when on the move. This is obviously the result of sustained efforts of a large number of dedicated scientists, technologists and engineers. Really, many revolutionary inventions took place in the last couple of centuries which established many milestones. Obviously, we should credit and honour all those unsung heroes who have created them, This lecture deals with the important technical developments, many of which happened almost concurrently and many took place at different points of time. An attempt has been made here to present these events coherently to appreciate their impact.

The article is more like a story and thus has not been stuffed with chronological dates and names like usual history. Purpose is to look at these developments as related to the final products. In my opinion, electricity, electromagnetic waves, telegraphs, telephones, electrons, vacuum tube devices, amplifiers, oscillators, switches, telephone exchanges, radio, television, Radar, transistors, broadcasting, radio receivers, digital electronics, digital communications, digital computers, microwave and satellite communications, lasers, LEDs, optical fibre communications, mobile communications, computer networks, Internet, WEB and mobile computing are some of the prominent developments which together have given us the modern mobile communication and computing theories, which are really responsible for these discoveries / inventions / innovations, are the theory of electricity and magnetism, electric circuit theory, electromagnetic theory, telegraph transmission theory, telephone switching and network theory, antenna theory, theory of optics, semiconductor device theory, switching and automata theory, Boolean algebra @ set theory, communication theory, quantum theory, theory of computation, signal processing theory, programming theory, queuing theory, computer network theory, error control theory, spread spectrum theory, theory of cryptography and statistical theory. Of course, mathematics, many analytical techniques, various technologies and vast amount of engineering have always provided the solid foundation in building these modern wonders.

All the persons, scientists, technologists and engineers behind these developments deserve our respect, recognition and appreciation. It may be noted that this may not be a comprehensive or detailed account/ history of all the developments. It gives, briefly, a bird’s eye view only. Technological wonders will never cease. We shall have opportunities to witness and welcome many more spectacular gadgets but must learn their ethical and humanitarian use!


Dr. S. L. Maskara
Retired Professor of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering at IIT Khadakpur


18:15 – 18:30 – Welcome Members
18:30 – 20:00 – Speaker Session – Semaphore to Social Networking and Vacuum Tubes to VLSI
20:00 – 20:15 – Announcement of Slate of IEEE Gujarat Section for year 2016
20:30 – 22:30 – Networking Banquet