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Letter of Approval
Date of Approval: 19 June, 2013
Chapter Code: CH10641

Executive Committee

Prof. Suman Mitra, Immediate Past Chair,
Professor, DA-IICT, Gandhinagar,
IEEE Membership No.: 80265646
e: suman_mitra@daiict.ac.in

Prof. Chirag Paunwala, Chair,
Professor and Dean RnD, SCET, Surat,
IEEE Membership No.: 90663609
e: cpaunwala@gmail.com

Prof. Mita Paunwala, Vice Chair,
Associate Professor, CKPCET, Surat,
IEEE Membership No.: 94150666
e: mita.paunwala@ckpcet.ac.in

Er. Ankit Dave,Secretary,
Senior Business Analyst,Etech Global Services, Gandhinagar,
IEEE Membership No.: 92634892,
e: ankit.p.dave@ieee.org

Prof. Neeta Chapatwala, Treasurer,
Assistant Professor, SCET, Surat,
IEEE Membership No.: 94145704
e: neeta.chapatwala@scet.ac.in

Dr. Manish Khare, Membership Development Chair,
Assistant Professor, DAIICT, Gandhinagar,
IEEE Membership No.: 92182222
e: manish_khare@daiict.ac.in

Dr. Arpan Desai, Technical Activity Chair,
Assistant Professor, Charotar University of Science and Technology,
IEEE Membership No.: 94279021
e: arpandesai.ec@charusat.ac.in

Prof. Harshul Yagnik, Student and YP Chair,
Assistant Professor, Marwadi University, Rajkot,
IEEE Membership No.: 92388089
e: yagnikharshul@ieee.org

Prof. Hansa Shingrakhia, Chair, Women in Signal Processing (WiSP),
Assistant Professor, Indus University , Ahmedabad,
IEEE Membership No.: 92674927

Prof. (Dr.) Mukesh M Goswami, Professional Activity Chair,
Associate Professor, D. D. University -Nadiad(Gujarat),
IEEE Membership No.: 92050883
e: mukesh.goswami@gmail.com

Dr. Nirali Nanavati, Digital Content Chair
Assistant Professor, SCET, Surat,
IEEE Membership No.: 94031049
e: nirali1111@gmail.com

Prof. Madhavi Desai, Member at Large,
Head and Associate Professor, R N G Patel institute of Technology,
IEEE Membership No.: 95511880
e: mbdesai@fetr.ac.in

Prof. Srimanta Mandal, Member at Large,
Assistant Professor, DA-IICT, Gandhinagar,
IEEE Membership No.: 92722167
e: srimanta.mandal@ieee.org

Executive Committee 2019

Prof. Suman K. Mitra
Vice Chair
Prof. Mita Paunwala
Prof. Mukesh Goswami,
Prof. Neeta Chapatwala
Prof. Chirag Paunwala
Program Coordinator, Technical Talk Series (TTS)
Prof. Jignesh Sarvaiya
Membership Drive Chair
Mr. Ankit Dave
Members at Large :
1) Prof. Neeta Chapatwala, Associate Professor, EC, SCET
2) Prof. Nirali Nanavati, Asst Professor, CO, SCET
3) Prof. Shweta Shah, Asst Professor, EC, SVNIT
4) Prof. Manish Khare, Assistant professor, DAIICT
5) Prof. Srimanta Mandal, Assistant professor, DAIICT

Executive Committee 2017

Prof. Suman Mitra

Immediate Past Chair
Prof. Chirag N. Paunwala

Prof. Jignesh Sarvaiya

Prof. Mukesh Goswami

Technical Chair
Prof. Chirag N. Paunwala

Membership Development Chair
Prof. Mehul Kantaria

Chapter Secretary
Prof. Nikunj Tahilramani
IEEE # 94176288

Executive Committee 2016

Chirag N. Paunwala
IEEE # 90663609
SCET, Surat
email: cpaunwala[at]gmail.com

Jignesh Sarvaiya
IEEE # 91128004
SVNIT, Surat
email: jns[at]eced.svnit.ac.in

Mukesh Goswami
IEEE # 92050883
DDU, Nadiad
email: mukesh.goswami[at]gmail.com

Dhaval Patel
IEEE #  90601332
IET-AU, Ahmedabad
email: dhaval.patel[at]ahduni.edu.in


2015 Chapter of the Year Award

2016 Chapter of the Year Award

2017 Meritorious Reginal/Chapter Service Award