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IEEE Distinguished Lecture by Dr. M K Radhakrishnan

October 6, 2015 @ 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm IST

Co-sponsored by: IEEE Electron Devices Society

The integrated circuit (IC) history started more than 55 years back and the technology progression during this period has immensely helped in understanding various materials and interfaces at the most miniaturized scale. The studies in turn have helped in developing many useful tools and techniques for the benefit of mankind. All these technological innovations and related advancements in the society – life style, health care and well-being, etc – are indebted to semiconductor device technology. Currently, we stand at another juncture as well, where the fruits of developments in the last century science and the depth of knowledge mankind acquired through research in material science and various mathematical tools merge to emerge in the form of nano-electronics, a new set of advancement for technological evolution. The progression of device technology and its transformation from microelectronics to the present stage of nano devices will be discussed in this talk.   An overview of the evolution of electronics to the modern day smart devices employing nano technology will be included. The major challenges in analysis and metrology are discussed with relevance to the limitations in application of the tools and the complexity in analysis. Understanding the device physics in terms of electron conduction through various interfaces can provide a deep insight into the challenges in the technology progression. Many a times, our curriculum lacks the practical aspects of device processing and the complexity of science and engineering involved. The objective is to provide a broad picture of the vast area for study in the field of device technology, where the importance still lies on understanding the fundamentals of device physics, materials and interfaces.

Speaker(s): Dr. MK Radhakrishnan,

Bldg: Conference Room, CEP
Nr. Infocity
Gandhinagar, Gujarat




City: Gandhinagar