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Blockchain Group of IEEE Gujarat Section

Blockchain technology has found interesting applications ranging from financial, supply-chain, IoT to enterprise applications. Blockchain is a publicly verifiable, shared, immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions, where a block contains a set of transactions, digest of the previous block, timestamp, and so on. In recent past, blockchain technology has shown huge potential in financial applications like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Smart contracts, etc. Subsequently, many industry consortia have taken joint initiative for binging out suitable platform for blockchain-enabled transactions. It is expected in near future that the blockchain technology along with cryptographic primitives can reshape e-governance, healthcare, IoT applications with respect to security, privacy, efficiency, transparency, and fault-resistance.

The blockchain group under IEEE Gujarat Section aims to share knowledge with scientific community by contributing:

  • research and development in blockchain technology for real-world applications.
  • training and supervising students/interns in blockchain and allied disciplines; and
  • collaboration with industry, academia, Govt. and R&D establishments.

The Group initiative is approved by the IEEE Blockchain Community and the kickoff meeting of the Group was held on 30th March 2019 at DA-IICT, Gandhinagar.


Founding members of the Group

Maniklal Das, Chair [Senior member of the IEEE #80608714]

Anil K Roy, Vice Chair [Senior member of the IEEE #41623732]

R. B. Jadeja, Secretary [Senior member of the IEEE #90525637]

Sanjay Srivastava [Senior member of the IEEE #90342083]

Sanjay Chaudhhary [Senior member of the IEEE #41473645]

Manan Thakker [Member of the IEEE #93742033]

Pankaj Gupta [Member of the IEEE #41577911]


Current Activities

Two undergraduate students doing internship on the following topic:

  • LandLedger: Land records management using blockchain – Nidhi Gupta (under supervision of Dr. Maniklal Das).
  • Blockchain based transcript management system – Kirtan Patel (under supervision of Dr. Maniklal Das)


For any query, you may contact Dr. Maniklal Das at maniklal@gmail.com