IEEE Young Professionals Gujarat Section and Marwadi University has been delighted to host the “Campus to Corporate” Mentor Mentee Camp. The event was organised virtually through Zoom, which took place on 1st May 2021 in two sessions. We were overwhelmed to receive a huge number of participants from around many different colleges and universities. We had more than 450 registrations the night before the event.

Purpose of the event

The event was exclusively planned for Engineering students and Young Professionals. Speakers from diverse fields were invited to share their knowledge on different domains: ML/AI , Big Data, Cloud Computing and DevOps, Software Development, Mobile Application Development and Security. The purpose of the event has been to inspire the young minds by providing them an opportunity to network one-on-one with the domain experts and share insights on what skill sets are required to be industry-ready in this competitive world of professionals.

Agenda of the event

  1. Introduction of the Event by anchor Kripa
  2. Welcome Address by Prof. Foram Rajdev , IEEE YP & WIE Chair Gujarat Section.
  3. Opening Remarks by Chief Guest: Prof. Dr. R.B.Jadeja, IEEE Region 10 Treasurer and Dean, FOE – Marwadi University.
  4. Group Photo
  5. Introduction of moderator and inviting him for further proceedings: Prof. C.D.Parmar, HOD, ICT – Marwadi University.
  6. Moderator will invite each panelist to share insights on their respective domain.
  7. Breakout Rooms with each panelist.
  8. Feedback by participants from different break-out rooms.
  9. Vote of Thanks and Virtual Gift ceremony by Prof. Mehul Kantaria.

Event Details

The session started with warm greetings from the anchor where she welcomed and briefed everyone about the event.

Prof. Foram Rajdev, YP and WIE Chair, IEEE Gujarat Section who took an initiative for this wonderful event did the formal welcome address to the chief guest, speakers and participants.

We were fortunate to have honourable Dr. R.B.Jadeja Sir, Dean – FOE Marwadi University and  IEEE Region 10 Treasurer, as our chief guest for the event. He gave opening remarks for the event where he acknowledged all the speakers and motivated students & young professionals. As a small token of appreciation for Dr. R.B.Jadeja, a virtual gift was presented to him on the behalf of IEEE Gujarat Section, IEEE Young Professionals and Marwadi University.

We were happy to have with us Prof. C.D.Parmar, HOD, ICT – Marwadi University. He moderated the event where he invited all the speakers to share their journey from being a student to a professional. Each speaker talked about the specific domain of their field and discussed about it’s current trend in the market.

Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations. And we were fortunate to have many wonderful speakers with us on board that day to guide the students and young professionals.

Finally, the networking sessions began. All the participants were allowed to get into the breakout room of their domain interest where there was one speaker in each group. Everyone had the opportunity to talk and participate in the networking activity. It was amazing to see students coming up with such intuitive questions.

The breakout sessions were for 45mins. All the participants came back to the main room and there was a feedback session. Students from different break out rooms shared their experience about the networking with the speaker and on the event as a whole. Speakers also shared their experiences on interacting with the participants.

Lastly, the vote of thanks was given by Prof. Mehul Kantaria. He offered a small token of appreciation to all the speakers on the behalf of IEEE Gujarat Section, IEEE Young Professionals and Marwadi University by presenting them with a virtual gift.

(The flow and agenda for both morning and evening sessions were the same, just with the switch of speakers.)