Date : 11/1/2021 from 5:00 PM ONWARDS though Microsoft teams platform

Expert Talk on : Importance of IEEE membership and its role in career development


Speakers Interaction with Audience :

Mr. ANKIT DAVE explained about:

IEEE as a whole is a global community so it will provide you a global exposure improving your social, managerial, entrepreneurship skills, IEEE will keep you updated with the latest technological trends in the world

Question asked by a student 

What are the membership details and benefits of IEEE?

Ankit Sir answered

Annual Membership Dues for Student Members is US $27. If you join now (in next few days), you can get 50% off using the discount code FUTURE50.


Dr. Hardik Pathak explained about: 

We want multi – talented skilled engineers in today’s world and IEEE inculcates this very quality in young students, He further explained the benefits of membership like Through IEEE you can access a huge network of skilled professionals, Can work with oversees professors and build up strong international project with IEEE’s grant

Question asked by a student 

  1. Which events should we organize so that we can give maximum benefits to students?

Ans. We can have student conferences and discuss over vital futuristic technologies like Artificial intelligence, thereby arranging workshops and expert over it and also we can organize Sam park (connection) events: collaborating with multiple colleges so students of different student branch can meet and exchange their views to each forming a big network like SIG – special interest groups.


Approximately 300 Participants were there from all the 6 branches.


Feedback from Participant:

I am Miral Chauhan from IT department FY.

Today we have attended a great orientation program of IEEE club. In this pandemic situation, we have many doubts related to our International Club IEEE. We got all that doubts cleared now by Experts, IEEE Head, IEEE members and our seniors and professors too. It is our opportunity to take a guidance from great people. I’m really appreciating this orientation to help us. It is my good luck to work for IEEE and work with such a great supporters.

  • Miral Chauhan, 1st Year Information Technology Department

Photos of Experts:

Dr. Hardik Pathak

Mr. Ankit Dave

Photos from Orientation Program: