Cyber Security Law Awareness


“Cyber Security Law Awareness” was a one-day event conducted by Silver Oak University  IEEE SB under “Section Technical Expert Program” which was initiated by the IEEE-Gujarat  Section. The main purpose of this event was to make the students aware of increasing Cyber  Crimes and how we can tackle such crimes by keeping in mind various measures and laws  designed by the government. The event was hosted on zoom meeting and around 100  participants were a part of it.

Expert Introduction: 

Adv. Manan Thakker: 

He is the founder of cyber legal services and holds 16 years of experience in this field. About the Session: 

Date: 5th October, 2020

Time: 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM IST

Platform: Zoom Meetings

The session commenced with the welcome speech by Raina Raval, the Vice-Chair of SOU  IEEE SB. Then our speaker continued the session by citing some real-life examples of  cybercrime which he came across in the recent past. He had discussed various cases of Identity  Theft, Bank Frauds, Spreading of Fake News, Fake Profile Creation, Company Resource  Utilization for Personal Gains, Piracy Rights Violation, etc…and also explained how we can  deal with such crimes.

The next point of discussion was about the Cyber Laws in our country under the I.T ACT 2000  and I.T ACT 2008. He talked about various sections under these acts and what penalty can be  issued for violation of those sections. Furthermore, he explained some techno-legal techniques  to prevent cybercrimes in the corporate world by framing various techno-legal agreements,  Techno-legal and HR policies, spreading awareness through inductions and audits.

The final part of the session emphasized on how Cyber Space is bringing stress and anxiety  into an individual’s life. He talked about various researches going on across the globe on this  topic. He had also shared some interesting information regarding research on MahaMantra  Meditation and Indian Vedic science which was carried out by Dr. David Wolf of Florida State  University. (The research showed how spiritual science can heal the wounds of technology)


The session was concluded with the Q&A session in which participants got satisfactory  answers to their questions. It turned out to be an enlightening webinar which helped all the  participants to get aware of various cyber-crimes and laws. Also, we are looking forward to  hosting such fascinating sessions in the near future.