Title : 3D semantic segmentation of brain tumor for overall survival prediction

Organized by : IEEE GS STEP lecture at Charusat SB
Date of Event : 12 September 2020 10:00 am onwards
Venue of event : Charusat , Changa (online mode)

Audience:  total 58  UG +PG participants from CHaruSAT university 
Speaker : Dr. Mehul Raval, Professor,School of Engineering and Applied Science, Ahmedabad University


An Expert Talk was arranged virtually on the platform of Google Meet by IEEE Charusat SB. The meeting was led by DR. Mehul Raval on the topic “3D semantic segmentation of brain tumor for overall survival prediction”. The Expert Talk began with the welcome speech which was hosted by Yesha Patel (Chair of IEEE Charusat SB). She welcomed the host and participants on the behalf of IEEE Charusat SB. Then Introduction Speech was given by DR. Trushit Upadhya (Branch Counselor, IEEE Charusat SB). DR. Mehul Raval Sir Initated his talk on 3d Semantic Segmentation of Brain Tumor by giving the basic introduction about Brain Tumor.  

He also discussed about the challenges that one faces in Medical Imaging Technology. He explained about the Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation Challenges. He also discussed the different types of dataset of images to detect the tumor. Then he also discussed the steps in Image pre-processing and Post processing. And he also discussed some topics of Hand Crafted Features in image processing.   

Then he discussed about the main concept which helps in detection of tumor”Deep Neural Network”. He also explained the basics of Deep Neural Network to make participants comfortable with the topic. He also explained how the concepts of math are used in detection of tumor.