Title – Defending Cyber Crimes by Laws

Date of Event: 29th August, 2020

Venue of event : Ganpat University – U.V. Patel College of Engineering, Kherva, Mehsana

Organized by: IEEE UVPCE SB

Total number of Participant (IEEE/Non-IEEE) – 69 (16 IEEE Members/53 Non-IEEE Members)

Description: The IEEE UVPCE SB was seeking for a good expert on cyber-attacks and security prevention measure since long time. Our efforts to search such personality came to end by reaching to Mr. Manan Thakker who is not only the senior IEEE member but a well-known and eminent speaker of the desired domain too. The event took place by inviting him for an expert session on “Defending Cyber crimes by Laws” as per his availability and convenience. On the mutually decided day, 29th August, 2020 the event was scheduled. The registration process for the said event started on 25th August, 2020. Despite of the internal exams being scheduled to start on next week; the students of UVPCE showed immense interest and rush for registration.

On the day of event; i.e. 29th August, 2020; the session started with brief introduction and gratitude for the expert to spare the time despite of his busy schedule. Then Mr. Manan Thakker started the talk with briefings of recently happened cyber-attacks. Further he illustrated how cyber bullying, stalking attacks and identity theft attacks can happen with anyone of us. He continued the talk with compensation remedies for online frauds under I.T.Act, 2000 and criminal provision under I.T.Act, 2000. The expert has also provided some case studies and mantra meditation technique to stay away from cyber stress as concluding remark.

At the end of the talk; an open forum for students to ask questions was started. There were plenty of technical and law related questions/queries has been asked by students. The expert has flawlessly answered every doubts the student has raised.