National Seminar on Computer Vision & Image Processing (NaSCoVIP2020)

Date: 9th to 11th October 2020
Theme: Computer Vision and Image processing for Health Care


With the explosion of Internet technology and Graphic Engines, there has been a massive growth in the research area of Computer Vision and Image Processing. While the field of Image Processing deals with the processing of digital images that are two-dimensional entities, Computer Vision adds the third dimension by computing the object’s depth. A three-day national seminar will promote research and developmental activities in India. The seminar fortifies the Computer Vision and Image Processing and the related fields by assembling experts and the researchers. The seminar’s primary goal is to promote scientific information exchange amongst experts, researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working in the country. The scientific program of the seminar will consist of presentations by leading experts worldwide in the field of Computer Vision and Image Processing. Experts will address the recent developments and trends in the fields. Participants will get enough opportunity to enhance their knowledge regarding the state-of-the-art fields through interaction with experts. It will stimulate the research potential of the candidates who wish to pursue doctoral degrees in the related fields.


The NaSCoVIP 2020 was a virtual event with spanning three days. Six speakers from industry and academia delivered the talks in two sessions from 4.00pm to 5.15 pm and then 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm. Following speakers were invited for delivering talks.

Ms. Mukta Joshi, Group leader Image Guided Therapy Systems R&D, Philips, Netherlands
Title of talk: Advances in medical imaging for diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Chintan Parmar, Senior Expert, Oncology Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, USA
Title of talk: AI applications for medical imaging biomarkers

Prof. Chang-Hyun Oh, Professor, Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Korea University
Title of talk: Real-Time MR Thermometry using Deep Neural Network

Mr. Akbar Doctor, Principal Test Engineer, Fresenius Medical Care, USA
Title of talk: Test Automation-Medical Devices

Prof. Ram Bilas Panchori, Professor IIT Indore
Title of talk: Detection of human brain disorders using novel machine learning approaches

Prof. Tolga Kaya, Professor, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, USA
Title of talk: Validation Study of a Dry Hand Cleaner as a Potential Hand Sanitizer


The participation for the IEEE members was free for the NaSCoVIP 2020 and in response to IEEE Enotice about 235 participation registered for the event. In the subsequent registration process through online platform about 110 participants confirmed their participation. It has been observed that on an average about 50 participants attended both the sessions on all three days. The consent from the speakers have been taken and sessions have been recorded. The recording link was shared with the participants. The feedback evaluation from the participants suggests that the event was success and participants enjoyed the overall workshop demanding similar events in the future.