​’UDGAM v4.0: Don’t Wait to Innovate’​

Organized By: ​WIE IEEE AU SB and CLIQUE​

Total number of participants: 42​ participants ( 9 teams ) ​ .​

Date of Event: ​9​th August 2020

Venue of the Event: Zoom​


Jury:  Anmol Anubhai, Sayanth K.S, Urvika Sonar​

‘UDGAM v4.0: Don’t Wait to Innovate’ is an entrepreneurial event, which brings​ together students who aspire to develop tenable and robust business plans. The participants will be required to form business models based on a certain set of issues (domains will be given on the spot) in a time span of 2 hours in a team of 3-5 students with at least one female member. The participants are then supposed to present their models after which, best 3 teams will be rewarded with cash prizes worth Rs.2400/-. This event is thus, fosters skills like business model planning, constructive thinking, and pitching.

There were total 9 teams who participated, out of which three teams won prizes.

It was an amazing opportunity to connect with talented people who would also be the judges for the event as judges were well-known entrepreneurs.

It was interesting to see participants coming with innovating business models.