Expedition: A Virtual Hunt

Organized by: Silver Oak University IEEE WIE AG

Total Number of Participants: 1300

IEEE Members: 200

Non-IEEE Members: 1000

Date of Event: 11th & 12th July, 2020

Venue of Event: Virtual Platform(Website)



The aim of Silver Oak University IEEE Student Branch always has been tending to the growth and development of the students. After the successful conduction of numerous tech events, Silver Oak University IEEE WIE Affinity Group had organized a non-tech fun event named “Expedition: A Virtual Hunt” to break the boredom of partakers and to cheer them up by giving a break to mundane tasks. It was the first-ever online treasure hunt. The event was open for all and free of cost to participate. The student members of SOU IEEE WIE AG made a website for the hunt. The event had 3 rounds in all. We got over 320+ teams each containing 3 to 5 members. Each team leader was given the credentials for logging into the website for the hunt. The teams were given riddles and clues in different forms such as Clues on Instagram and YouTube posts and comments and some Tricky questions at different levels. 1st round was held on July 11, where all the teams competed, amongst them, the top 70 teams based on Time and accuracy moved forward for 2nd round on the 12th of July in the morning. 20 top teams out of these 70 were selected for the final round in the evening the same day! Winners were announced a day after the hunt was completed! A handsome prize money was given to the winners.

We had received numerous positive reviews from the participants for this event. In all, it was a social cause by giving these cheerful moments to the participants amidst the hard times upon us. We are grateful to the whole student branch for putting their efforts into making this virtual hunt fun!