Getting into Data Science using Python

Organized by: Silver Oak University IEEE WIE AG

Total Number of Participants: 937

IEEE Members: 80

Non-IEEE Members: 857

Date of Event: 1st and 2nd June, 2020

Venue of Event: YouTube Channel(Silver Oak University IEEE SB)



Silver Oak University IEEE WIE Affinity Group always emphasizes on enhancing the knowledge of students in the field of technology. Keeping the same in mind, a two-day workshop titled “Getting into Data Science using Python” was organized on 1st and 2nd June 2020. The sole purpose behind organizing this workshop was to comprehend the fundamentals of the most demanding field in today’s technical era, Data Science and Python alongside some of its libraries. The event had begun with the basics of data science and was carried out with the hands-on practice of Python language and some Data Science concepts. This event was open for all and with a view to expand this knowledge with other learning enthusiasts, the entire event is accessible on the official YouTube channel of Silver Oak University IEEE SB. We had a very talented and highly experienced person for conducting this workshop. as this event has achieved magnificent views and positive responses.


Expert Introduction:

Mr. Sajjad Hussain:

He is currently a Data Science Lead, REM at Trafigura​. ​Moreover, he is a former co-founder at Heuristech Labs and has also contributed to the E-commerce space. He has also been a full-stack data scientist with more than 7 years of experience.


About the Session:

Day 1:

YouTube Link:

On the first day of this workshop, Mr. Sajjad Hussain started the session with the brief introduction of Data Science and how Data Science and Data Analytics differs. Moreover, he also discussed the skill sets that are required to become a Data Scientist and some real-time applications of Data Science in various fields. He gave a detailed explanation of Machine Learning Pipeline, Algorithms/Models, Clustering, and Data Science Libraries. He covered all the basic concepts of Python language such as data types, string, list, loops, dictionary, functions, class, and many more during the hand-on practice session.

Day 2:

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The speaker commenced the second session with a quick recap of day 1 followed by a brief about the topics of day 2. Moreover, he explained principles of Data Representation and discussed various Algorithms and Models along with its working and real-time applications.He had even led a hands-on practice session for a better understanding of different algorithms and libraries such as NumPy and Pandas.