Webinar on Ethical Hacking​

Organized By: ​WIE IEEE AU SB and TOPS Technologies​

Total number of participants: 91​participants (approx) ​ .​

Date: ​ 13​th May 2020

Venue: Online Through Zoom​

Speaker: ​    Niralee Chavda from TOPS Technologies​

Topics Covered:​       

  • What is Ethical Hacking?
  • Steps to hack into secure systems.
  • Types of Hackers: White hat, Black hat, and Grey hat hackers.
  • Types of Viruses: a short description of Trojan horses, adwares, malwares, worms, spywares, ransomwares, bots, rootkits and bugs.
  • Email hacking techniques like phishing, use of malicious email attachments, spamming or redirecting the user to malicious websites along with a small demo.
  • Website hacking techniques with a small demo of hacking into an online ordering website of a restaurant and changing the price of the food ordered.
  • Mobile (android hacking) techniques.
  • Best operating systems used for hacking purposes like Kali Linux, Parrot, OS, Anonymous OS, Deft OS etc.
  • Tools used for hacking purposes: Metasploit, Nmap, Hydra, Termux ets.
  • Job opportunities in the field of ethical hacking like an ethical hacker, penetration tester, network security specialist, computer forensics analyst etc.