Organized by: IEEE Gujarat Section and IEEE GCET SB

Total number of Participant (IEEE/Non-IEEE) – 30 IEEE and 76 Non- IEEE Students / Professional attended

Date of Event: 26th-27th April, 2020

Venue of event: Webinar (Virtual)

Description: Gujarat Section Professionals’ Awareness Seminar 2020 was a series of webinar sessions held on 26th-27th April, 2020. Organized by IEEE Gujarat Section and hosted by IEEE GCET Student Branch, this webinar series was targeted for working professionals that was inclusive of topics like, Patent Filing and Cyber Laws, which are currently significant in the professional and technological domain. The Seminar was attended by students, faculties and working professionals alike, for whom these topics are essential.

The first session of GSPAS was based on Cyber Awareness. Adv. Manan Thakker discussed various aspects of Cyber Awareness and its implications. He talked about the different cases that dealt with the issue of Cybersecurity. He explained the immense value of data in today’s world and why major data crimes are being committed. About 110 participants attended this session. He put forth a ton of examples from which the participants got insights into the frauds that are being committed online, which involve the stealing of data and the monetary benefits it produces for the criminals. Mr Manan Thakker extrapolated on the solutions that one can implement in order to protect themselves from these crimes. Finally, he concluded the session by mentioning the Cyber Laws currently existing in our country and the importance of following them for an individual as well as a company or a group.

The second session of GSPAS was based on Patent Filing & Related Issues. Helmed by Mr Rahul Dev, this session was of prime importance to graduates and working professionals who are majorly into the field of research and would want to explore the process and methodology of patent filing. Around 90 people actively attended this webinar. Rahul Dev started the session by explaining the need and reasons one needs to file patents. He talks participants through the patent filing process and the need for a Patent Attorney. He discusses his roles and responsibilities as a Patent Attorney. One of the key questions that most people have is that, can a person single handedly file a patent successfully? Mr Rahul Dev provided an answer to this question by analyzing the risks involved in doing so. Finally, he concluded the session by presenting some more facts and figures regarding Patent Filing and also entertaining questions from participants regarding the same.

Gujarat Section Professionals’ Awareness Seminar, which spanned over a period of two days saw 100+ participants from various backgrounds come together to inculcate knowledge. The sole motive of this event was to organize fruitful discussions and informative sessions for professionals on the topics that are of utmost relevance to them.

With GSPAS 2020, everyone who was a part of it left with a sense of satisfaction, loads of knowledge and clarity about the matter at hand.