GENESIS – Beyond Learning

Organized by: Silver Oak University IEEE SB & WIE AG

Total Number of Participants: 1056

IEEE Members: 246

Non-IEEE Members: 810

Date of Event: 25th – 29th April, 2020

Venue of Event: YOUTUBE Channel(Silver Oak University IEEE SB)




“GENESIS – Beyond Learning” was a five-day webinar series organised by Silver Oak University IEEE SB and WIE AG in collaboration with Headstart Network Foundation, PyData Ahmedabad, GDG Ahmedabad, WTM Ahmedabad & GDG Cloud Ahmedabad. The motto behind this event was to empower knowledge and inculcate skills amongst students with virtue of discovering aspects of technology and professionalism. For this webinar series, we had very prominent and eminent speakers. The event was held from 25th April to 29th April 2020 on the official YouTube channel of our SB and the highlights of the webinars can be found there. More than 1000 participants from 70+ different institutes & communities had participated in this event and learnt something new in this situation.


Build the Blocks of Your Profile

            YouTube Link:

Speaker: Pooja Sharma

The first webinar “Build the Blocks of Your Profile” was based on profile building. Ms.Pooja Sharma has discussed the importance of profile building, how passive writing can be done and how one can write a resume or CV in a proper and more professional manner, the importance of the world’s largest professional network LinkedIn.


UI/UX: The Face of All Cards

            YouTube Link:

Speaker: Rohan Mishra

On the second day, the session was conducted by the eminent speaker, Mr. Rohan Mishra. With reference to real-world examples with practicality, he explained the importance of UX & UI, in every digital product, role one has to fulfil as an UI/UX designer, providing exposure to the industrial aspects.


Wi-Tech: The Women is Intact

YouTube Link:

Speaker: Himadri Pandya

The third day was carried out by Ms. Himadri Pandya, who gave an ideal & inspiring knowledge of ‘women in tech field’. she encouraged women to face the challenges and keep moving ahead in their area of interest. It was an inspirational speech by the speaker which highlighted the difficulties a woman may face during her professional life.


Your First Machine Learning Project

YouTube Link:

Speaker: Sayak Paul

The session was all about the current technology in trend, Machine Learning. The speaker shared the challenges faced by an individual at the initial stages of their first machine learning project. He suggested emphasizing more on building connections, being more active on the GitHub and creating blogs about their ML projects to keep progressing in this field.


Bright Business Beginnings

YouTube Link:

            Speaker: Nikunj Thakkar

This session was all about guiding the young mind on the path of entrepreneurship. Mr. Nikunj has covered various topics like ‘why start-ups?’, ‘what does it take to be an entrepreneur?’, ‘how to begin a start-up?’, ‘earlier challenges of a start-up’ and ‘how to pick the right team’.