Organized by: Silver Oak University IEEE WIE AG

Total Number of Participants: 50

IEEE Members: 45

Non-IEEE Members: 5

Date of Event: 6th March, 2020

Venue of Event: CV Raman Hall, Silver Oak University



Expert Introduction:

Mr. Akshay Dodhiwala

Mr. Akshay Dodhiwala is currently working as a data scientist at HypeTeq Software solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is also a part of TensorFlow User Group (TFUG). He is Microsoft certified Azure Data Scientist and was also a Microsoft student partner.

Ms. Dhruva Shastri

Ms. Dhruva Shastri is currently working as a business developer at She also has experience as an android developer at Echo innovate IT. She is also working as a co-organizer and WTM (Women Tech Makers) ambassador at Google Developers Group for more than six years. She is also serving as a facilitator of #IamRemarkable.


About the session:

 This event was conducted under the Silver Oak University IEEE WIE AG as a part of the International Women’s Day Celebration. We mainly focus on the advancement of the role of women in the engineering field and to make their peer presence felt in this tech era. This event (TECHMOFENSE) contained three parts such as technical, motivational and self-defense training.

The first session  was a technical talk on Machine Learning. It was conducted by Mr. Akshay Dodhiwala. He discussed the most demanding field of Machine Learning and its applications. He also discussed Image Segmentation, TensorFlow, Big Data and Python Language. He talked about why one should go in the field of ML and Data Science. He also explained about the job of Data Scientist and also gave some tips which can be useful to be a Data Scientist.

After the completion of the first session the second session began with the introduction of a second speaker. The session was conducted by Ms. Dhruva Shastri. She started the session with a small activity. After that she gave information about #IamRemarkable. She shared her own experiences and gave an inspirational speech to the students. She advised students to never give up and to share everything which is achieved on the professional platforms in a polite way.

After a break the third session was begun. This session was conducted by 3 student members of our SB, Dhruv Parmar, Prit Thakkar and Nancy Vadaliya. They gave information about Martial arts, Karate, Kung-Fu etc. In order to learn self-defense techniques. In this session participants learn different techniques of Martial arts like kicks, punches, blocks and many more.