Date: 16-17 Nov, 2019

Venue: DA-IICT, Gandhinagar

Title: 3D Printing Workshop for Beginners

Bio: Speaker of the Session: Mr. Abhishek Jani

Affiliation: Secretary-cum-Treasurer, IEEE Gujarat Section Sensors Council Chapter

Bio: Abhishek Jani is a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics Engineering) from Marwadi University, Rajkot. Currently he is working as Research Engineer in DA-IICT, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. His interest areas are: Electronic system design, Analog Circuits, PCB design, Embedded C, Embedded Systems Design, 3D model design and Robotics. Abhishek has published papers in peer reviewed international conference in the area of assistive technologies. He is an IEEE member and currently he is Secretary cum Treasurer of IEEE Sensors Council Chapter of Gujarat Section.

The objective of this workshop was to give demonstrations on how to build your own design for rapid prototype testing. Mr. Abhishek Jani discussed various techniques like showing videos, giving engaging theory talks with relatable examples, using practical demonstrations in this hands-on session. The students who attended were really enthusiastic and attentive, asking various questions and showcasing their curiosity.

The session started with a brief description of 3D printing is and its need in today’s fast paced world where time to market is the key to success. Abhishek Jani explained the methods and designing aspects of 3D printing. He defined the term prototype and how it is related to this technology. Advancing further, the students learnt about the difference between a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine and a 3D printer. He explained in detail each of the configurations and ensured that each attendee understood. The students on both days were very eager to learn and understand and asked various questions. There was also a fascinating discussion between few students on edible printers that could be used to print delicious food like pizza!

At the end of each day session we also allowed participating students to bring their own 3D models and build them on the 3D Printer. That was perhaps the most thrilling part of the workshop.

Student Participants: 88 (divided into two groups for each day)

IEEE Member/Non-member: 34/54

Registration fee: Rs. 50 per person

Figure 1: Attendees with Mr. Abhishek Jani in center