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Letter of Approval
Date of Approval: 19 June, 2013
Chapter Code: CH10641


Executive Committee 2019

Ex-com members:
Prof. Suman K. Mitra, Chair
Prof. Mita Paunwala, Vice Chair
Prof. Mukesh Goswami, Secretary
Prof.  Nikunj Tehlaramani, Treasurer
Prof. Chirag Paunwala, TAC
Prof. Jignesh Sarvaiya, Program Coordinator, Technical Talk Series (TTS)
Mr. Ankit Dave, Membership Drive Chair
Members at Large :
1) Prof. Neeta Chapatwala, Associate Professor, EC, SCET
2) Prof. Nirali Nanavati, Asst Professor, CO, SCET
3) Prof. Shweta Shah, Asst Professor, EC, SVNIT
4) Prof. Manish Khare, Assistant professor, DAIICT
5) Prof. Srimanta Mandal, Assistant professor, DAIICT
Interested candidate shall submit the valid petition to the secretary of SPS Chapter of IEEE Gujarat Section before December 30, 2018.


Executive Committee 2017

Prof. Suman Mitra

Immediate Past Chair
Prof. Chirag N. Paunwala

Prof. Jignesh Sarvaiya

Prof. Mukesh Goswami

Technical Chair
Prof. Chirag N. Paunwala

Membership Development Chair
Prof. Mehul Kantaria

Chapter Secretary
Prof. Nikunj Tahilramani
IEEE # 94176288

2015 Chapter of the Year Award

2016 Chapter of the Year Award

2017 Meritorious Reginal/Chapter Service Award



  • Distinguished Lecture Series – Computational Imaging with Few Photons, Electrons, or Ions (CFP)
  • One Week STTP ON Digital Image and Signal Processing (Brochure)
    • Date: 19th – 24th November, 2016


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